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2014 SiriusView Report - Marketing Automation Platforms

The marketing automation platform (MAP) market is rapidly changing, and businesses that "get it" know that marketing automation is essential to their long-term success. In fact, in their 2014 update to the SiriusView for Marketing Automation Platforms report, SiriusDecisions suggests that marketers who do not use and understand marketing automation are quickly becoming a dying breed. In essence, marketing automation is here!

However, the landscape is still evolving, and buyers often have difficulty differentiating one vendor from another. That said, real disparities exist around services and integration capabilities, which means that buyers must look beyond features and functions. To take full advantage of the available technology, buyers must pay close attention to usability, as well as each vendor's ability to effectively deploy and enable both marketing and sales.

Download the 2014 SiriusView report from SiriusDecisions to learn:

  • The overall market evaluation and vendor analysis of 17 marketing automation vendors
  • Insights for selecting a vendor based on your organization's requirements
  • How user experience and functionality drive marketing automation success