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  • Enabled true target marketing and nurturing
  • Increased prospect engagement and conversion rates
  • Higher sales pipeline visibility for both marketing and sales
  • Better sales and marketing team alignment



Bersin & Associates is an award-winning provider of proven people strategies that leaders and their organizations need to deliver exceptional business performance. Before Marketo, Bersin & Associates lacked any type of marketing automation tool, forcing them to rely on mass email methods and time-consuming manual lead data exporting and analysis. While marketing had a general idea of what their leads were doing, they had no ability to track and filter leads or execute targeted marketing and nurturing campaigns.



Today, Bersin & Associates uses Marketo to take marketing creativity to a whole new level. This enables the marketing team to target specific groups of prospects and test different tag lines, webpage layouts, and calls-to-action. Tightly integrated with Salesforce.com, the Marketo solution provides Bersin & Associates with a single platform that connects all the marketing components together. For example, prospect engagement on landing pages and emails are connected to automated alerts to the sales team. This allows the sales team to see how leads are progressing through the sales pipeline and to immediately view marketing’s impact on their prospects.



With Marketo, Bersin & Associates can not only create targeted emails but it can also measure the effectiveness of its campaigns. For example, they can see who opens a newsletter, who clicks a link, who registers for a webinar, and who becomes a paying customer. This allows marketing to make any necessary fine-tune adjustments in marketing variables to keep more customers engaged through the sales process, and thus improve response rates and closed sales. Marketo has also broken down the barriers between sales and marketing. Now, the sales team has the same lead pipeline visibility as marketing, allowing them to see prospect activity in real-time and take immediate follow up action to close more sales.