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 Limited ESP functionality and poor integration with the contact management system hindered efforts to strengthen relationships and create engaging member experiences. 

Generations Federal Credit Union (GFCU) has fully embraced the philosophy of building relationships that last a lifetime. To build those relationships, GFCU needed to engage the nearly 50,000 GFCU members in individualized conversations; coordinate communications across direct mail, email, social, and in-person channels; and deliver a delightful user experience every time. GFCU achieved those goals with the help of Marketo. The campaigns created by the GFCU marketing team has tripled email open rates, increased click-throughs tenfold, and more than doubled conversions. 


  • Cross sell in a personalized way to increase wallet share and customer lifetime value
  • Increase the volume of marketing-qualified customers for higher conversion rates
  • Enable sales to prioritize efforts with scoring and engagement metrics 


Bridging the Gap 

According to Wendy Bryant-Beswick, GFCU’s Chief Marketing Officer, her organization struggled with fully supporting the sales team. Marketing and sales were using different tools and there was little in the way of coordination or automation. Sales people spent a lot of time typing their own email messages, and email campaigns weren’t targeted based on personal factors, such as member interests or past behaviors.

"Marketo bridged the gap for us,” Wendy notes. “We now have email templates in Marketo and Sales Insight in Salesforce, which has slashed the amount of time people spend creating emails. We track website behaviors and touch points in Marketo. At events, a prospect can enter information into our Marketo form on the iPad, instantly become a lead in Marketo, and get added to a nurture campaign. And with Marketo’s engagement scoring, our salespeople can prioritize inquiries and start with the most engaged prospects.” 


Spanning Channels and Devices to Build Relationships 

Marketo allows GFCU to reach members and coordinate interactions across all channels. A recent multi-channel program welcomed new members to the credit union through a 90-day cross-channel nurture. Members who are new to the credit union receive email messages and phone calls from a sales representative, who then captures additional information. This program empowers the credit union to target products and service promotions to the member’s needs and preferences. “We’re seeing a 38% open rate which exceeds the standard for financial services (22%) in these emails,” says Content Manager, Megan Dahle. “This program is allowing us to deepen relationships with new members and establish loyalty from the very beginning.” 

"In terms of wins, I think the real-time aspect of Marketo has been very impactful for us,” Wendy concludes. “Marketing research shows that people are 300 times more likely to purchase from you if you contact them within 15 minutes after an interaction. The real-time functionality allows us to immediately connect with our members and begin to understand what their needs are. So being able to get that information from Marketo right away and contact people just a few minutes after they fill out a form or respond to an email message is amazing.”