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  • Nearly doubled the number of leads that converted into bona fide opportunities
  • Accelerated and deepened ability to create and implement new campaigns
  • Enabled strong collaboration between marketing and sales and elevated campaign visibility



Prior to Marketo, InsideView, the leader in sales intelligence and social selling, was using a marketing system that made it difficult to create landing pages, execute email campaigns, track marketing programs and measure sales results. In addition, only one person understood how to use the marketing system. The combination of an unsuitable system and limited marketing throughput created a major bottleneck in the company’s ability to create and execute marketing campaigns.



InsideView selected Marketo because they needed a solution with strong nurturing capabilities, robust analytics, and solid lead scoring features. Also influencing their decision was Marketo’s market leadership, integration with CRM systems and the ease to get everyone using the system quickly. The implementation process took less than 14 days and included getting the existing database, 50 campaigns and all their contracts moved over and set up. Now the marketing team can quickly get opportunities into the system and through the marketing pipeline, execute nurturing programs, and get leads transferred to the lead-generation managers. In addition, reports showing the return on investment can easily be created for executive management.



Marketo benefis InsideView in two primary ways. One is the speed in which they can now create new campaigns and the other is the sophisticated nurturing stages they can design as part of their campaigns. Marketo has also helped InsideView get more coverage with their campaigns and achieve deeper penetration with their target market. Further, the entire marketing team is using Marketo, and marketing now has a strong collaboration with sales with both teams reviewing the same leads and opportunities. As a result, InsideView has almost doubled the number of opportunities that are accepted by the sales team from the lead-generation team.