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Kaiser Permanente of Colorado turns to Marketo to transform healthcare with consumer nurturing

The 2010 passage of the Affordable Care Act shifted the healthcare landscape, as millions of people became responsible for buying health care coverage for the first time. With more Americans now choosing their own health plan, Kaiser Permanente of Colorado needed to find an efficient way to demonstrate the value of their offerings to this new empowered consumer population. Kaiser Permanente’s deployment of Marketo’s Consumer Engagement Platform gave Kaiser the necessary consumer- focused marketing infrastructure that allowed Kaiser Permanente to better acquire and manage potential customers; continuing engagement throughout the lifecycle.

  • Education: Inform potential new members about the value and quality of healthcare they will receive from Kaiser Permanente
  • Lower costs: Reduce average acquisition cost
  • Member Growth: Acquire new business and enroll new members
  • Engagement: Retain and build loyalty with existing members 



 The Affordable Care Act presented Kaiser Permanente with many new opportunities, as well as new challenges. Historically, like many other health insurers, Kaiser Permanente marketed directly to brokers and employers, making the need to shift

to consumer marketing a huge challenge. As Kaiser Permanente’s focus expanded past traditional brand awareness, the company needed a way to educate and engage consumers along the entire lifecycle.

The challenge was to cut through the noise and explain why Kaiser Permanente offered the most value to individuals. But like many healthcare insurers, Kaiser lacked an adequate marketing infrastructure to acquire consumer contacts in a cost-effective way. Kaiser Permanente’s only previous experience with consumers was through its Medicare line of business. The Medicare line was marketed using costly direct mail campaigns during open enrollment. However, that type of generic brand campaign would no longer resonate with consumers.

Since their potential new audience might number in the millions, Kaiser Permanente needed a more targeted and scalable marketing approach. At the same time, Kaiser Permanente needed to automate its marketing process so that it still could cultivate relationships with consumers that didn’t convert during the open enrollment period. 



“When we started using Marketo, it was a very easy way for us to convert content into information that we share either in online advertising or through email marketing”- Steve Krizman, Senior Director of Integrated Communications at Kaiser Permanente."

Kaiser Permanente enlisted the services of Intelligent Demand (ID)—a leading integrated demand generation and sales enablement agency—to design, deploy, and optimize a direct-to-consumer, multi-channel engagement program using the Marketo platform. Unique within Colorado, this program provided an entertaining, interactive brand experience to engage and generate contacts, and then route those permission- based contacts into targeted nurture tracks for multi-channel engagement, nurturing, scoring, and handing off to the Kaiser Permanente sales team at the right time.

"Connecting in a timely, relevant, meaningful way is always a huge challenge for marketers. The multi-channel strategies we employed with Marketo are allowing Kaiser Permanente to quickly capture, engage, and segment contacts, so Kaiser can continue engaging with them in increasingly relevant, measurable ways that speak to potential buyers’ specific needs and interests.” – John Common, CEO and Chief Strategist, Intelligent Demand

With Marketo, Kaiser Permanente has been able to apply more efficient marketing methods in order to gain mind-share with healthcare consumers. Kaiser began by attending fun family and community events that allowed them to source contact information on over 13,000 qualified consumers captured on iPads with a custom contact capture app that integrates with Marketo. That was the start of an ongoing conversation with potential buyers so Kaiser Permanente is now able to nurture potential members along their buyer journey until they are ready to enroll.

By automating follow-up communications in Marketo, that listen and respond to what a consumer actually does, Kaiser Permanente has been able to spend less time on “the mechanics” involved in distributing their message and more time focusing on strategy and story development. And instead of spending heavily on inefficient direct mail campaigns, Marketo’s Consumer Engagement Platform not only delivers personalized communications in the preferred channel for individuals, it also provides clear insight into what channels and communications are performing the best.

In addition to using Marketo to help acquire new members, Kaiser Permanente is also leveraging Marketo for continuous member engagement throughout the course of the year to drive loyalty and retention.

"I envision that with Marketo, we will be able to be there for our customers every year when they have to make that re-enrollment decision to stay with Kaiser Permanente in the fall. We’re going to be in a much better position than our competitors,” said Steve Krizman, Senior Director of Integrated Communications at Kaiser Permanente.

Before bringing Marketo and Intelligent Demand on board, Steve noted the difficulty of demonstrating the impact of marketing’s investments on the bottom line. But the folks in the boardroom took notice as Marketo offered them a real-time window into how consumers were making choices and marketing’s direct impact on the buying lifecycle.

"With marketing now able to demonstrate the revenue impact of its investment, “we’re now able to show that the investments we’re putting into advertising and marketing is converting into actual hard sales.”

That’s a fun kind of conversation to have with the C suite for a change. “The move to marketing automation is a journey. It takes time to manage expectations, but as you are able to show measurable business impact, your internal stakeholders will sit up and take notice.” 

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