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"You need a team that is responsive and services you the way that you need and Marketo has been able to fulfil all those needs."

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PR Newswire’s innovative, buyer-centric marketing strategy drives the revenue engine



 At PR Newswire, an integrated marketing approach lets buyers, not marketers, determine their journeys, driving personalized communications to 30,000+ clients.

PR Newswire, a Cision company, helps organizations create and share content to engage with all of its key audiences to drive the growth of their organizations. A primary focus is distributing client news releases across multiple channels and analyzing the impact of those releases for their clients. So, when Ken Wincko, Senior Vice President of Marketing, was in the process of creating the PR Newswire marketing strategy, he saw a great opportunity to enhance the level of engagement with its own customers—including buyers at agencies, as well as corporate PR, IR, and marketing departments. To drive engagement and, in turn, grow revenue, Ken and his team needed to interact with buyers in a more individualized and targeted way, not only during acquisition, but also at every stage across the customer lifecycle. 


  • Drive net new leads into the funnel and increase funnel conversion through persona-based content
  • Improve lead quality using an integrated nurture process across multiple channels
  • Gain greater insight into buyer interests and needs to shorten the sales cycle 



Creating a compelling multichannel experience 

In the past, PR Newswire marketing efforts were based on a product-centric approach that involved fragmented, manual processes. To help achieve corporate goals, Ken and his team implemented a buyer-centric, automated multichannel strategy focused on buyer needs. The strategy categorizes buyers into key segments and personas and tailors messaging and content around each role. It also accommodates the varied paths buyers take on their journey to purchase, paths that cross multiple channels such as Google searches, ads, email, pr and social media. By coordinating promotion across channels, the team has increased content downloads by over 500%. Marketing delivers best-practice content that aligns with each buyer’s path, keeping all customer interactions consistent and coordinated across channels. As a result, buyers receive the right content at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

"Our goal is to create a compelling experience no matter which path a buyer takes. You can’t create that personalized experience without automating processes, and you can’t automate processes without a holistic approach incorporating the right content, data, people, processes, and technology. For us, the technology that brings it all together is Marketo.”



Delivering newsworthy results 

Ken views his role in marketing as a change agent, making fundamental changes in content, process, data, technology, and people with the goal of achieving continuous improvement in the customer experience. Ken and his team have established an integrated, buyer-focused process automated by Marketo technology. With respect to people, he has implemented a decentralized agile marketing model that empowers his marketing team to optimize their content and channel strategy based on data- driven decision-making. All marketing team members are trained to use the Marketo solution instead of funneling requests through a few experts. They can look at content conversion rates across the buyer’s journey and attribute pipeline and revenue by segment, persona, content, channel, and stages of the journey. Marketo gives them visibility into what content is working with who, when, where, and why, creating exceptional buying experiences and driving higher business impact.

"Marketo enabled us to transform the way we go to market and accelerate our growth. Over the past year, we have increased qualified leads by 161%, marketing-influenced revenue by 360%, and topline revenue by 2% while shortening the sales cycle by one-third. And I expect those numbers to go up as we optimize and expand our programs. We’re on track to more than double our numbers this year.”