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Campaign creation


Time to enrollment 

30 days

Up and running

Marketo boosts productivity, enabling LA Film School marketers to create personalized campaigns in one-sixth the time. 



Marketing improves lead quality and slashes the time to move students from application to attendance by one- third, improving marketing/sales alignment. 


The Los Angeles Film School’s associate and bachelor’s degree programs provide the skills and knowledge students need to pursue successful careers in the entertainment industry. Heather Leonard, Marketing Specialist at the school, is responsible for engaging prospective students and working with admissions representatives to guide students through applying, enrolling, and starting classes. With new degree programs beginning monthly, Heather’s job is a busy one. Last year,

the school implemented marketing software to help increase the number and quality of leads. But Heather found that creating campaigns with the software was slow and cumbersome, so she convinced senior management to replace it with Marketo. One month after implementation, Heather was achieving great results, including a lot more qualified leads in the pipeline and faster time to enrollment. 


  • Drive applications, enrollments, and full-time students
  • Shorten the cycle from first contact—for example, visiting the website or taking a campus tour—to attending classes
  • Engage current students to increase retention and drive word-of-mouth referrals



Stronger sales/marketing alignment, seamless transition

The decision to transition to a new digital marketing solution was driven by the need to automate the creation of personalized campaigns that guide prospective students through filling out the application, enrolling, and starting classes. The goal was to strengthen sales and marketing alignment by driving higher-quality applicants to sales, which shortens the time it takes for an applicant to enroll.

Heather quickly discovered she would have difficulty achieving this goal with the previous solution. The first campaign encompassed a series of email messages that explain each step in the student journey. It took nearly six months to build this campaign because the user interface was confusing and much of the campaign creation effort was manual. In addition, there was no native capability for checking students into on-campus tours, open houses, and other events that are part of the journey, so it was cumbersome to match up event attendance with leads in the marketing database.

"With our previous solution, I would have 10 tabs open and didn’t have a clear view of what was going on. With Marketo, segmentation and flow steps are all on one screen. I just drag and drop to adjust the flow. I can also clone a campaign to create a new one in just a few minutes. The transition to Marketo was seamless. In just 30 days, we had everything up and running and had qualified prospects from our future enrollment nurture campaign.”

Deep personalization, more students

Heather is using Marketo to create dynamic content in thank-you email campaigns, which enables her to create a single message in which portions of the content change based on each lead’s program of interest. That means someone who clicks on the film page receives email messages that are personalized for the film program, including images that correspond to their program of interest. She also personalizes outreach based on the number of visits to a page, with lower- engagement prospects receiving a message about the program while those who visit the page multiple times perhaps receiving information about scholarships.

"Personalization is not only generating higher-quality leads but also it’s convincing students to enroll and start classes faster. It now takes one- third less time to move students through the sales cycle and have them arrive for the first day of classes.” 



A champion for long-term success

Vendor support and access to the Marketo community are important contributors to the success of the school’s Marketo implementation. A Marketo consultant helped migrate campaigns from the old system so that Heather could run them without disruption when she switched to the new system. In addition, the onboarding assistance she received was far superior to that offered by the previous vendor and ongoing support is considerably more responsive.

"With the previous vendor, support tickets were sometimes not answered for weeks. I’d be at a complete standstill with an important campaign because I couldn’t get an email out. Marketo has helped especially around troubleshooting. If I have a problem, I can submit a ticket and get a response within 24 hours. That has relieved a lot of stress.”

Heather also actively participates in the Marketo user community, checking in regularly to troubleshoot issues on her own as well as to learn how to take advantage of capabilities she hasn’t used before.

"The community offers a great support system that helps me figure out how to use features like lead scoring. Marketo’s best practices around lead scoring have positioned us for long-term success, and if I want to learn more about how to apply those best practices, I can turn to the community for help.”