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ultimate rev engine
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The Ultimate Revenue Engine: Maximizing Results Through Inside Sales and Marketing Automation

Join the leader in marketing automation and leader of inside sales automation as they come together to show you how to become a revenue machine by tightly aligning your sales and marketing processes.

Check out our newest white paper, and step inside the minds of Jon Miller, VP of Marketing and Co-Founder of Marketo and Ken Krogue, President and Co-Founder of InsideSales.com to learn:

  • How to drive win-ready leads to sales through marketing automation
  • How to ensure sales and marketing communication and alignment
  • The 7 rules of increasing contact rates
  • Best practices to overcome the biggest obstacles to closing a deal
  • A summary of recent research as seen in Inc Magazine, Harvard Business Review, and Forbes

Get a rare inside peek into how some of the country’s fastest growing organizations are winning deal after deal.