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The MarTech Recipe For a Well Done ABM and Sales Strategy


It’s happened to all of us—you think you have everything you need to make that great entrée for your dinner party to only realize halfway through you are missing some essential ingredients. Sound familiar? Now apply that to your ABM and sales strategy at work—do you have everything you need to ensure a great result? Marketo has brought together three Partners that will help you create the perfect recipe for your ABM and sales strategy. Join Marketo, Folloze, Metadata.io, and PFL on Wednesday, June 20th at 10am PT for our webinar, The MarTech Recipe For a Well Done ABM and Sales Strategy.

You'll learn:

  • How to use AI technology to accelerate existing opportunities and target net new accounts
  • How to easily create and deliver single or multitouch content-based journeys to your high-value customers and prospects
  • How to accelerate productivity and drive business forward with tactile marketing automation, swag and create extreme personalized marketing campaigns